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Biotique Botanicals

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Biotique Botanicals

Longer than long ago, health and beauty were fleeting. The average adult life expectancy was 30 years old, as nature took its toll. Then, 5000 years ago, Aryan sages in India searched within the vast resources of nature to extend this ephemeral existence. Before the pyramids were built, these ancient sages created Ayurveda. It is the science of life; the Sanskrit words 'Ayur' means 'life' and 'veda' means science or knowledge. Ayurveda is the time-tested, natural medicinal system that treats the total individual, promoting prevention as well as cure, for a healthy mind, body, spirit and senses.

BIOTIQUE is synonymous with serious skin and hair care developed from Ayurveda. It embodies the collection of traditions developed by the ancient sages, passed down from generation to generation. These sages, commonly known as Rishis, discovered that plants and plant extracts had startling effects on skin and hair. They understood that, in order to survive, society had to live in harmony with nature. They learned how to harness nature’s therapeutic powers [the heat of the sun, light, air, water, minerals and plant substances] to restore human beings to a state of perfect health…and agelessness.


Ayurveda discovered the secret to eternal youth. It is the only system in the world to have focused so closely on the problems of aging for thousands of years. The Rishis saw that certain combinations of herbs could preserve not only youthful skin and hair, but also a firm body. The proof has appeared throughout the ages on the faces of 70-80 year olds who have the youthful radiance of 35, because they practiced the Ayurvedic way of life.


Founder Vinita Jain, one of the most influential and admired entrepreneurs today, spent her childhood amid the lush greenery of her father’s tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling, India, where she imbibed the ancient Science of Ayurveda. After graduating from Delhi University, Vinita studied bio-technology in Switzerland. She used her immense knowledge and interest in bio-science to start Biotique, and to pioneer a new age of potent organic beauty that uses time-tested Ayurvedic therapies blended with contemporary science and beauty treatment requirements.

Today, Vinita Jain orchestrates a team of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, Scientists and Swiss Cosmetologists who design, manufacture and pack all Biotique products. The Ayurvedic Doctors are practitioners in the many fields of natural medicine and health care to extract nature’s full body of knowledge. The result: highly effective skin and hair care products that treat and preserve health, beauty and well-being as never before.

Welcome to Biotique and a proud heritage that continues to produce unsurpassed ethical products to live by. Biotique treatments do not cover up problems—they eliminate them.

  • With 100% natural botanicals
  • No chemicals, No preservatives
  • No animal testing
  • Even the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

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