Jiwadaya NETRAPRABHA, 5g & 15g, Ancient Ayurvedic Formula Safe for Eyes

Daily Application keeps Eye Healthy and Clean

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Product Expiry: May 2019 or later
Jiwadaya Netraprabha - 5g
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Jiwadaya Netraprabha - 15g
$ 6.95
Lot of 3 X 5g Jiwadaya Netraprabha
$ 9.75
Lot of 3 X 15g Jiwadaya Netraprabha
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Jiwadaya Netraprabha

Pack Size: 5g /15g



Human Eye is the delicate part in the body.  But it is constantly exposed to several kinds of  hazards.  People working in different kinds of industries have to encounter with iron dust, fire, chemicals etc.  In our everday life, there is every chance of microbal infection from air and even by contact.  Here the preparation JIWADAYA NETRAPRABHA comes to your help and keeps eyes CLEAN, AND HEALTHY.


Jiwadaya Netraprabha is an ideal prepartion made from effective Indian hebs, Honey and (Kapur) it controls infection and inflammation.  It was properly prepared after a great deal of research work.  It produces immediate soothing action and protects tissues from further decay.  It soothes tired eyes.


Jiwadaya Netraprabha helps in healing cases of redness, swelling, irritation.  It is also advantageous in cases of over-strained eyes, sunglass, use of spects and working in smokey atmosphere lathe work etc.  (i.e. for manual workers)


JIWADAYA NETRAPRABHA is a leading, unequalled AYURVEDIC PREPARATION of its kind and it is absolutely reliable.  Daily application keeps eyes clean, healthy. 



Amala Juice - 10% w/w

Swarnakshari Juice - 10% w/w

Kapoor - 2% w/w

Madh (Honey) Q.S.



This medicine is to be applied with the glass rod (applicator) to the eyelid twice or thrice a day.  Do not rub the eyes. 

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Sanjay Dixit (New Zealand)
  -  06 Nov,2017

"Great for eyes. Consistent daily use is the key. Just once or twice when needed doesn't deliver the full benefits. It is a "preventive", not "corrective" medicine."

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